Our Methodology
Our team at Optimum Wellness believes that a holistic approach is the best way to achieve overall physical, nutritional, and mental well-being. Using a three-point approach: nutrition, exercise, and rest, Optimum Wellness offers personalized, effective solutions for every individual. Rooted in science and with over a decade of industry experience, we have unparalleled knowledge of what it takes to help you achieve your goals optimally.
Quantified Nutrition
Experience the transformative power of scientific nutrition combined with sustainable food choices.
Result-Oriented Exercise
From simple daily activities to intense workouts, our exercise guidance helps you feel better and live healthier.
Appropriate Rest
We empower you to utilise the fundamental impact of rest and recovery for your well-being.
How It Works
  • Step 1: Select your Programme
    Step 1: Select your Programme
    Fill up a preliminary assessment form and provide us with relevant information about your lifestyle that enables our experts to create the right customized programme for your goals.
  • Step 2: Consult Your Coach
    Step 2: Consult Your Coach
    Your designated coach shall have a word with you and discuss your goals in depth and discuss how our programmes shall help you achieve the same.
  • Step 3: Get Your Customized Diet And Exercise Plan
    Step 3: Get Your Customized Diet And Exercise Plan
    We shall send you your customized nutrition and exercise plan along with recipes and supplementation guidance if required. This plan is subject to further revision.
  • Step 4: Receive regular follow ups and motivation
    Step 4: Receive regular follow ups and motivation
    Your dedicated coach along with a team of wellness guides shall motivate and follow-up with you on a weekly basis.
  • Step 5: Celebrate your achievements
    Step 5: Celebrate your achievements
    Start witnessing results as soon as you start following the plans and rejoice every minor and major milestone you conquer.
  • client
    Kusum Melwani
    I was 93 kgs and I lost 21 kgs to reversed my obesity and other health issues through a quantified nutrition and diet plan along with the appropriate workouts. Nutrition is often the missing key to a fitness journey. Without the proper nutrition, it is challenging to see the best results from workouts. I’m glad today I stand here as a bastion of hope for anyone who’s struggling to lose weight and feels entirely lost. Optimum wellness will significantly improve your health and wellbeing if you are determined to work upon yourself. It's a fantastic and ever-growing platform for achieving optimal health.
  • client
    Khushi Gupta
    I’ve lost around 30 kgs of weight through a quantified nutrition and a personalised workout plan! I think Optimum Wellness is a great initiative because it is providing evidence based services. I appreciate my story being shared so it can reach more people which really embodies their commitment to spreading the message of fitness to everyone! I highly recommend Optimum Wellness as a source you can trust completely for all your health and wellness requirements. Optimum Wellness is the world’s first and only platform that’s been established to provide research-backed diversified solutions to holistically elevate an individual’s status of wellness
  • client
    Anoushka Rahman
    I lost 15 kgs in a span of 3 months! I gained a lot of weight and I became really unfit, and there came a time when I had completely given up on myself! However, thanks to the team for bringing that motivation back in me, changing my nutrition plan for the betterment of my health, thoroughly checking on my routine and my meals every single day, which led to my getting back in shape very quickly! Apart from his vast expertise in nutrition, what they stressed more was mentoring and motivating me regularly, and despite a few hiccups here and there on my end, they never lost faith in me and kept pushing me forward. They really made my "impossible" turn into "possible" again, and I'll be forever grateful to them for this.
  • client
    Tanay Mondal
    Losing 10 kgs and getting my abs to reveal and the credit goes to Optimum Wellness who allowed me to transform the way I looked. Fitness and workouts have always fascinated me. But when I decided to up my game, that is when things really came around. The major push behind all of it was a transformation challenge I became a part of. It is when I had this specific goal in mind that started working meticulously towards it and reached out to the team of Optimum Wellness. One thing that I particularly admire in the team is the amount of personal attention they give to their clients! This is hands-down, one of the best teams I’ve worked with!
  • client
    Dr. Sandeep Gupta
    I hit a new low in life when I touched 78kgs despite doing gym with my heavy work schedule. I saw Optimum Wellness' transformation pictures on Instagram, did some research, and got in touch with the team! Initially, I was a little reluctant to follow a long-distance online routine for many obvious reasons like people possessing no scientific knowledge, false promises being made with no positive results occurring, difficulties in communication that may arise and other apprehensions. But the way they responded to my queries was extremely satisfying and being a Doctor myself I could judge that they had a thorough knowledge in this field. I thought this was worth a shot! They're not just coaches but also act as great friends.
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